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Nnobby45, when number of bad guys = N, and number of rounds = N-1, it's not a good start.

It might have been enough to scare them off. That is speculation.

If it hadn't scared them off, it would have offered too few rounds. That isn't speculation.

And my point about nice families and nice neighborhoods was that statistics don't comfort one much when one is becoming the statistic, and sometimes nice people in nice neighborhoods do indeed become the statistics
Don't disagree with you. We can't know what may have happened if he'd been armed with 5 shots. However, we can say with absolute certainly what happened to him when he wasn't.

Maybe the best lesson of all is that home invasions happen to people even though the odds say they won't. Somewhat enigmatic, considering that home invasions will happen to SOME people (even in "nice" neighborhoods) with 100% certainly.

And, of course, there are always those who believe in the Wildebeast theory that plays the odds and says the Lions will have somebody else for dinner.

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