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You know people in accounting and banking for example, have their figures checked by others for accuracy. I don't see how it would be hard, or a big inconvenience to have addresses checked and double checked. Especially when there is a potential for innocent lives to be at stake. I also don't see why having a penalty associated with failure to be accurate is out of line either.
As an accountant and former tax auditor (i needed the money), i'm not sure that an "audit requirement" wouldn't be redundant, since there is a requirement for judicial oversight/approval. I mean, shouldn't the judge be checking those addresses? Maybe it would be helpful to provide the various judges with a link to a "google earth"-type website/application to let them check the address on the paperwork against what shows on the map and satellite imagery to see if the physical descriptions seem to line up. Of course, any requirements like this would be subject to the same failures as the current process. Now, a regular audit/review (quarterly) of whether the current procedures were being properly followed should be useful in ridding the system of anyone not willing to follow the proper procedures, every time, to prevent a wrong address on a no-knock type warrant (or any other warrant for that matter).

Personally, I am greatly comforted by the mutual protection offered by a steel-framed exterior steel door and do hope they remain legal. At a previous house, i was similarly comforted by a steel-framed security door. When the Shelby County Sheriff's deputies came by to serve a warrant about 1:30 in the AM some years ago, those deputies were fairly polite and were not overly upset when i explained (through the plexiglass & bar door) that it was a rental house and that i was a fairly new resident, especially after i came back "no warrants" on my DL. One of the downsides to renting a place in "the hood" is that bad people may still have it on their DL as their place.

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