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9mm Carbine vs .45acp Carbine?

I was looking around youtube and found out about hi-points extremely affordable carbines. I haven't found one complaint on them and I've looked for a LOT of feedback. People say they dont look too good, but I kinda like the way they look.

Anyway, I plan on getting one. I've always wanted a rifle in 9mm or .45acp. I think I'll pass on the .40s&w as of right now.

Would a .45acp be more useful over a 9mm in a carbine? I mean, yeah, it has more stopping power, but both will have somewhat increased velocity, so I think the 9mm would be pretty sufficient?

Ammo Prices... I'm honestly not familiar with any of the 3 cartridges. Don't own any pistols. All are available where I live, 9mm and .45acp seem more popular, but as a result, it would seem .40S&W is generally more plentiful. How do prices compare between cheap plinking ammo and premium defense ammo?

Final question. Is .40S&W an intermediate cartridge between 9 and 40? Some say yes, some say no. Anyone have any more information on such a thing?

Sorry to be a total bother, but I figured it's way easier to get info on an extremely active forum than searching google for hours!

Thanks for any help you can give me.
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