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Russian 7.62 Nagant Revolver Buying Guide

I have been thinking of buying one of the Russian 7.62 Nagant Revolvers at a upcoming gun show in the area while they are only $100. I've never shot one or owned one. Since this is a quite old revolver, i was wondeing if there is anything special to look for when buying one? Is there any certain areas to check out to assure its a good save firing gun? Since they are always sold in crates with like 30-40 in the crate, i wanna have an idea what to look for when picking one out. Any information or someone with experience with one that could give me some help would be appriciated.

You can shoot something other than the 7.62 nagant ammo in these as well can't ya, i dont remember what it was, but remember reading you could use something else.
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