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You said what I really wanted to there. I'm not a big pawn off guy never have been. Matter of fact I am a principle but of course the owner is my ultimant boss here. I do this because we tell folks we look out for their properties in their stead and they compensate us to do so.

We also have some elderly property owners who have the tendancy to not inform us of their occupancy in a timely manner. God forbid if one of them was at a property and an alarm went off. If I didn't show up to that my spine should be removed.

We respond to everything and we do it fast that's why we are here. We are not security we are property managers however this is a remote area.

This thread is about what to do when presented with the tactical information I have presented not about weather I should be there in the first place. I have already made that decision it is a personal decision and I am ok with the one I have already made.

Thanks, to all for the advise

Kraig especially yours as I value your expirence

Kindest Regards to all, Vermonter
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