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What is the use of burglar alarms if you arn't going to respond?

Isn't the OP required to provide security? What are they paying him for?

Don't most of these types of burglaries occur at night?

Am I missing someone here?

If I'm working nights (which I did most of my career), and dispatch gives me an alarm call, and I told her wait until daylight and give it to the day shift, I wouldn't have had a job when the day shift hit the street.

If its your job, either as LE or Secruity to protect property, then its your job, DO IT.

There is an old Western Saying, "RIDE FOR THE BRAND" meaning loyalty to your employer and doing the job he's paying you to do to the best of your ability. That doesn't mean pawn it off on the day shift.

Train to do building searches. In vacent appartment buildings you're going to find tresspassers and bandits. A little of "shoot-no shoot" targets will be needed in your training.

Vacent appartments are great places to find druggie flop houses and these people can be dangerous, be prepaired.

But FFS, if you're hired to do a job, DO IT. Get as much training as you possibly can, but you have to do the job you're hired to do. Its nice if you have a partner, but often that isn't the case.

I can't believe some of the post on this topic.
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