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Great feedback

I was away at training, and busy at work, so am just now checking the thread again.

Many of the comments relate to what I would call "strategy" rather than "tactics" (i.e., "Don't get into a gunfight"). Sound advice, but a bit beyond the scope of what I'm trying to accomplish with the list.

The basic behavior that defines a warrior is knowing what you need to do, then going out and doing it. These tips are just something to feed the lizard brain to keep you alive long enough so you can think of a solution (I guess that defines most training).

I have modified the list somewhat:

-changed "fire superiority" to "return fire": Same concept, but toned down due to the context in which we work;

-I'm going to be more specific on "tactical advantage", but I haven't figured it out yet;

-I'm adding 3 to the list: Aim for pelvis hits if body armor is suspected; Something about situational awareness; Know the difference between cover and concealment (especially offensively).

About the "radio won't save your life", clearly one needs to communicate and report. The point is, when the situation is getting hairy, to use the old platitude, backup is minutes away when seconds count.

All of these tips are highly situational, and don't apply to every incident, but, to use another old platitude, the exception proves the rule.

I wanted to keep each tip very short, but might add some detail, and even consolidate some (like the ones relating to cover/concealment).

I don't think I am going to distribute it as a list in class, because it is not policy or doctrine (and we labor under those constraints as instructors, which is probably a good thing...). I plan to use it as discussion points before we head out to the range.
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