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If you are afraid of people with guns why are you on a gun board?
There's people with guns here?

... sorry, I couldn't resist. I did want to comment on this though

When were his rights violated? I have the right to drive down the street, and if a cop pulls me over they are not violating my rights.
Actually they are violating your rights. That just can't pull you over for no reason and even more so, the reason to pull you over must be a primary offense (speeding, running a red light, weaving, reckless driving, ect. Secondary offense can only be addressed if they've pulled you over for a primary offense.

In Minnesota you need a permit to open carry or conceal so open carry can draw you extra scrutiny and hassles that you just don't want. In a state where no permit is required, then to me this is really out of line. There is no justification to detain or even question you. In fact you could argue the opposite is true ... who's going to open carry that isn't legitimate? If it's a bad guy, you can be sure the gun would be hidden. So now your down to he's just giving you a hard time because you are carrying. I'd complain (it's always good to push back).
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