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While I understand that mistakes happen, breaking down the wrong door is tantamount to breaking gun safety rules.

There seems to be two types of mistakes. First are the ones where the warrant is correct in terms of the address, but the officers go to the wrong address. The second is where the officers go to the address on the warrant, but the warrant address is in error. Either way, it would seem that nobody involved with serving the warrant is actually familiar with the intended target location. As such, when officers end up at the wrong address, none of the officers doing the entry have a clue as to whether it is the correct location or not.

I don't deny that some warrants may be extremely time sensitive and so officers don't have a chance to verify everything before service and just go by what the warrant says. However, that would not appear to be the case with this event where the FBI was serving multiple drug warrants in the same night.
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