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IDPA classifier

I shot an IDPA classifier match last Saturday night.

I used my Colt Combat Commander in .45 in Custom Defensive Pistol Division (same gun I occasionally use in the single stack division in USPSA/IPSC)

Shot the best score I've ever had in CDP -- still high in "Marksman" class with that gun.

I usually do well on Stages I & II and have difficulty on Stage III. Like most people.

Last night everything went pretty well except that I had two clean misses on Stage II, which is very unusual for me.

One of them occurred for certain on the string where you engage the targets while moving forward. And the other? Maybe on the string where you engage the targets strong hand only? Or possibly while retreating? I have no idea.

I shoot strong hand only and weak hand only all the time. I get a limited opportunity to engage multiple targets while advancing and while retreating. (That's one of the reasons I shoot in matches -- to do things I can't do in "normal" practice at the range because safety rules preclude certain things)

I shot well on Stage III this time, although I did dip a few shots low. I made an effort to concentrate on trigger control and properly resetting the sear from shot to shot at distance and it worked. I also made an effort NOT to crowd cover, when shooting from the high barricade and around the sides of the barrel, and that helped too.
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