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Very nice looking sporter!
I have one also that has been sporterized. I bought it for a Grandson and he loves it. The serial is 1666xx and is in a straight stock. in fact I believe the original stock was reworked (shortened) on this one.
I am very interested in the rear sight on your rifle. This one has a full Buckhorn and its to far forward IMO
I paid $350.00 for it 4 years ago.
20 years ago Krag's were all over the place for under $200.00 and as soon as I got an itch for one the price jumped to the $800.00 range for a nice original.
At least my Grandson has a nice old barnacle forever!
This rifle Must have the record for the different cartridge names for it, From
.30-40 US Krag
.30-40 Krag, US Army
.30-40 Krag Army
.30-40 Krag
.30-40 Krag & Winchester
.30 USA
.30 M1892
.30 M1896
.30 M1898 .30 Flanged
.30 US Krag
.30 USA Army
.30 USA
.30 Krag
.30 Army
7.62 (Kal .30) US Krag Jorgensen M/93
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