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"gang related"

Just trying to clear up an earlier comment about this not being gang related.

If someone were to collect crime statistics/murders in a given city it might change the picture if all of them occurred between rival gang members or if they were all gang members preying on regular citizens. Or previously unaffiliated people committing crimes by preying on citizens.

So I think the idea behind the comment was to lean away from the thought that the parents or children were in a gang, put themselves at risk, and "had it coming anyway". The home invasion seems to have been unprovoked.

It's noteworthy the different mind set of those 6 men. Who knows if they were surprised/startled - that could be a deceptive thing to say to the press rather than "we decided to shoot anyone inside". So the responsible citizen has some decisions to make first before he/she pulls the trigger.

It's a terrible thing that happened. I wish it did turn out differently but the confusion the young man caused may have spared his sister great harm.

So here's food for thought: If your children are teens or younger, what do you teach them to do? What access do you allow them to firearms?
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