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You have a sporterized 1898 Krag. The original barrel length was 30" with a soldered-on front sight base. Yours has been cut to 22" (the most common "carbine" and hunting rifle length) and an aftermarket front sight base sweated on. The stock is most likely a commercial one that looks like it was rather amateurishly checkered. Original stocks were straight, although some were altered with additional wood glued to form a curve.

If it's in good shootable condition it is worth something as a hunting rifle, and Krags in any kind of decent condition should be worth at least $500.00.

You can buy brass for it and reload, or you can use .303 British brass run through a .30-40 sizer and loaded with .308 bullets. Stick to mild to mid-pressure loads and the old girl will put venison in the pot for your grandkids.
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