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The stock is definately not original. It is a rifle that someone turned into a hunting rifle. That kills a whole lot of the collector value. I would have it checked over by a gun smith if you plan on using it as a shooter.

If you are wanting to somewhat restore it the CMP was at one time selling off non firing models of the Krag Jogensen Springfield rifles. The stock, and sights could be used to return the rifle to near original as issued condition if it is rifle that has sentimental value.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad new but it is not super valuable in the present state that it is in. For the most collector value it needs to be as it was orignaly issued with the same parts that it came out of the factory with, and in exelent to good condition for its age.

Though me personaly I would have it checked. If told it was still servicable to shoot I would shoot the snot out of it, if I could find brass for reloading for it.

Uppon seeing your second set of pics the good news is I see no indication that it was drilled for scope mounts. If the reciever has been drilled for them the value of it plummits. The stock while not the orignal looks like it was well made. I would keep it as a shooter piece. Maybe get a correct stock to replace the one on it for looks.
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