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The general problem is that when the police do raid the wrong address, whether the address on the paper is wrong and the raid cops are right, or the paper is right, and the raid cops are at the wrong location, the best results are only damaged property, and one's dignity.

The real threat to officer safety is the lack of overisight (at various levels) making the mistake possible. It's dangerous for us, and its dangerous for them.

I know all about the "thin blue line" and the "us vs them" that allows and even encourages closed ranks and covering for minor mistakes. Its human nature, BUT, there should be serious accountability when mistakes like this are made, especially when they are clearly preventable with just a little more dilligence on the part of the police organization.

Just because there were no shootings/fatalities THIS TIME, doesn't mean that the people responsible should get a pass. Everytime that happens, nothing gets fixed. And the next time, an officer, or a citizen may wind up dead.

Jailing a 15yr veteran officer who's only mistake was getting the wrong address isn't the right answer, but neither is "sorry,... here's a check for the damages" the right answer either.

Mistakes are going to happen, as long as there are people, but, the target should be zero errors. Now, how do we make this happen?
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