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brickeyee, do you have any idea how much US real estate is tied up in bases?

Fort Bragg is over 30 miles across. It's huge.

The Eglin AFB complex is even larger.

You cavalierly say, "If you don't like it, don't go there." You ignore the fact that "there" covers an immense amount of open land, and you apparently don't care what the mechanisms are for restricting your access to and exercise of rights over a large patch of our country (which is larger than at least some US states; Bragg and Eglin combined have more land than RI or DE).

Since all you care about is that there are rules, and not how those rules are promulgated or what restrictions should be in place on the promulgation of those rules, I have no interest in discussing the matter with you. You have become a one-track record, and you aren't answering my questions. You just keep repeating your same point.

Your point is, "Be a good boy, shut up, and do like you're told."

That mindset is gradually destroying our representative democracy, and represents the worst of group-think.
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