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243 Jake:

I have shot deer and antelope with both th4 243 and the 30/06. The deer and the anteope were small about 120 pounds if that. On one antelope and one deer, with the 243, shots were fifty yards; both were shouldeer shots,both bullets exited the the animals leaving behind a pulverized boiler room. The last deer was running stright away and I hit it on the right cheek bone. The 100 grain Sierra 243 bullet penetrated the length of the deer and lodged under the skin of the right shoulder. The bullet expanded but didn't destroy much on it way. This deer took a finishing shot. On the same hunt, my friend Phil shot a 175 to 200 pound buck that was running stright away. His 130 grain Nosler partition 270 bullet hit the right ham, missing the bone, and lodged just under the skin of the shoulder. The bullet took out the right lung and the deer didn't need a finishing shot. The 150 Grain 30/06 has slightly more striking energy. As you can see from above the 3006 is superior to the 243.

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