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I'm telling you, it's gotta be uniforms that dogs hate. I get to deal with a lot of unfamiliar dogs daily at work, and I don't screw around. I look for signs the house may have a dog, poop, toys etc... I've had plenty of dogs come out charging and it's never any fun. I can't carry at work, not even pepper spray, so the standard M.O. is to kick the dog away or hit them with our big heavy DIAD board/dog deterrent.

Ah, the joys of being a local UPS driver.

If I'm not a work and can carry where I'm at, then I keep my eyes on unfamiliar dogs, it's kind of habit now.

In the case of the officer, I thought he did ok. He faced the dog, stepped back to buy some time and space, kicked the dog away and drew his weapon. I think the other officer did an excellent job as well, being aware enough to draw a taser and then being able to hit a moving target quickly. That taser shot might have saved someone from getting bitten and it also means no shots were fired in close proximity to other people. Especially since the shot would have been at a steep down angle into pavement in a residential area.
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