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- I am any officer or any non-commissioned officer on Post XX

- The post and/or area commander has issued regulations against carriage of weapons, concealed or unconcealed by those not on duty requiring said weapons and/or or LEOs

- I observe a civilian w/ a weapon w/o clear rationale consistant with those Regs.

- Barring that clear rationale for that weapon, I will approach and/or report/follow that individual

- That individual will be questioned either by me or by the MPs.

- Barring competent answer within the regs, that individual will be detained, his weapon will be secured, and both he and his weapon will be turned over to local and/or federal authorities.

- That individual will wind up in court, where he will get his opportunity to say the law is unclear.

- That judge then will explain the facts of life in very clear terms....

As noted before, as a military officer/non-commissioned officer, the Regs, the law and
the req'd duty are very clear.

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