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It appears that the box and the proof date code letters didn't get imprinted. A very small section of what could be the outline of the left side of the box appears to be next to the ASM logo, but the actual letter stamping didn't make it into the steel.
It's not all that uncommon for a gun to not be imprinted with the date code, especially an ASM.

Originally Posted by Beagle333
Did anybody ever find out how to look up serial numbers and dates
Those are the private records of a company that has gone out of business. Even the Italian companies that are still in business don't provide information by serial number, at least not that's been released to the public.
One would think that the proof house would keep a serial number record of the guns that they proof test since they probably charge a fee for it and keeping records may be required by the Italian proof testing laws. But obtaining any information from those Italian proof house records is a quandary. I guess that someone could always make a request for information, and maybe they even have a standard procedure for dealing with requests.
But if all of the proof house records from the time period of your ASM's testing aren't computerized, then it could all amount to being a fruitless effort.

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