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A question for the Colt 1911 experts

Does anyone know when Colt started making 9mm government models?

I was going through my junk and I came across a reblued slide marked: "COLT AUTOMATIC CAL. 9M/M" on the right side and all the patent dates + COLT'S PT.F.A.MFG.CO., etc., with the rampant Colt in the middle of the slide on the left.

It gets better: It's marked 903 806 under the firing pin retainer and also has a "P" just forward of the rear sight. The number puts it at 1943 production and the "P" says military gun ( I think), so, altogether, it doesn't make much sense.

The span of the breech face is .370".

I'm wondering if this is someone's super project or a one-off, as I don't think Colt ever made any 9mms in WWII (that I know of).

I have some pics, but my camera skills are limited.
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