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Which Material for a Handgun Hunting Holster?

I'm fixing up some guns to leave my kids and if all goes well I'd like to try and squeeze in a hog hunt with my son. The one is a standard Bisley Hunter with 4X Leupold scope. The other is a Mag-Na-Braked (now 11 1/2" barreled) Super Redhawk with barrel mounted Harris bipod and Leupold scope. I've had a few leather folks respond and willing to have a go at it (money talks). Then I just received an email from a custom nylon holster maker. What are you folks ideas on this matter. Is nylon a better choice in the hunting field? At least looking at them, the nylon would be cheaper and has more adjustments than the leather offerings. I of course am looking to get an across the chest type of holster regardless of the material. Smithy.
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