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We had our first Steel Challange Handgun Match of 2012 today. We had a blast. It looked like rain all day, but we managed to stay dry, and reasonably warm at around 60 most of the day.

We first engaged 6 each 8" X 16" Tomb Stones.

Next we engaged a pair of Dueling Trees set up for 6 shots each. We have the type Dueling Trees where the plate flips sides, and drops down a notch. With 6 hits the plate drops out the bottom.

Next we had a couple 42" Pepper Poppers on both sides of a Dual Swinger target. The swinger's trigger stick was activated by the Right pepper popper falling. The counter weights are set different so they do not swing together. We fired 4 rounds on the back IDPA Silhouette when it was clear of the front no shoot swinging silhouette.

Next we had 2 round plates on either side of a 42" pepper popper that raised an IDPA silhouette when it went down.

Next we engaged the Texas Star.

Last we engaged the 8" Plate Rack from about 12 yards.

I shot the course with my S&W 610 firing 40 S&W, my S&W 64 shooting 38 Special +P 158 reloads, as well as my LCR 357 in BUG.

I had a very good time at the range.

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