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armoredman. Quote.

In England you go to jail if you shoot anyone, invading or not. Criminals are
the kings.
You are wrong. In this instance the weapon was a knife. But if he had taken a gun of him and used it to shoot him it would of being the same result you have the right to self defence in the UK that includes lethal force. Example of self defence below.

Vincent Cooke, 39, killed Raymond Jacob, 37, a career criminal, during a violent struggle at his detached house in Bramhall, Stockport, Greater Manchester, last month.

Yesterday, as the Crown Prosecution Service announced that Mr Cooke would not be charged over the incident, the businessman said he had endured "a living nightmare". He also revealed that he was suffering flashbacks about the incident and would never forget "the day that I had to fight for my life".

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