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Hey guys.. thanks for all of your replies and those nice pics of your P35's.. I THINK I found the problem with my slide not locking back.. I was the one with the initial posting for that..
I did take it apart for the very first time and what it looks like is on the slide at the notch where it should be nice and squared off somehow there is a dimple that makes it a tad rounded... Looks to be man-made, for what reason who knows.. For the life of me I can't get a picture of it.. It is just too small and precise.. So for now it would work to shoot it just won't lock back.. I could ask my friend who is a machinist to carefully grind it down to take that dimple out and make it square again.. The slide s/n does match the frame, so I would not want to ditch it.. That being said is there an avenue to buy parts or are they too hard to come by....
Again thanks again for all your posts on this issue.. Kent
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