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44 AMP posted a warning earlier in the thread, and some folks aren't getting it. Posts have been disappeared.

If we want to discuss the legal issues surrounding a given law enforcement action, that's fine. If the line gets crossed into cop bashing or fantasies of shooting it out with law enforcement, we're done here.
Tom, I understand that staff has to keep things in order here @ TFL. However, human beings (civilians, LEO, forum admin) make mistakes, fact of business, period end. TFL members choose to discuss the nature of law enforcement (who, are paid to uphold the law and do so with competence, and who will punish or kill you without mercy) and the easily avoidable, unacceptable mistakes that they make, let them discuss.

I'm not bashing cops or forum staff, I'm just expecting law enforcement and forum staff to live by the same standard that they enforce.
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