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The 5 shot snubbie comment by DNS. Love it. That's because most folks read the average or modal incident as always occuring. The lone, economically motivated mugger is likely to flee or be handled by such a gun.

But that doesn't always occur. Hence the argument for carrying more.

However, when you have found yourself in the extreme tail of the critical incident intensity distribution, speed loaders, mags, bugs, etc. - probably won't cut it. 6 guys with NAA 22 Mag revolvers would clean your clock close up. Even if you were carrying a fully auto Plasma rifle.

About exploring - when your subcortical territorial mind drives you to defend your tribal boundary as compared to the rational hunker down.

It's an old concept, known to the Greeks - like Plato's view of thymos and glory - in modern terms: System I (emotional, automatic and quick) or System II processing (deliberate, cognitive, rational).

A young fit football male - less developed frontal lobes for system II - hard to hunker down. I'm such a professor.

Another reason for FOF training. At KRtraining, we did a similar scenario. You are in the bedroom and hear the burglars. The Newbies took their shotgun (not real, obviously) and went to save the TV. Ended up on their tush and 'dead'. The hunkered in the safe room made it through.
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