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Sport45: I don't care what you're armed with. If you wander into a room where evil people are set to do you harm you're probably toast. Even trained officers don't make a habit of clearing houses alone. One person acting alone has a much better chance of survival if they try to not make it an offensive situation.
Where I live there would have been damage to the door in order for them to get in. So I would not have entered but would have remained outside waiting for the police and to prevent anyone from escaping. However, I am normally armed only with a five shot 44 Spl CA Bulldog and a S&W 38 Spl five shot revolver, and have to go to the 4 or 5 speedloaders I carry in my pocket. My 45 S&W 625-5 Long Colt would not have been on me. If I lived where there were incidents like this I would start looking for a SA 45 or 44 Spl with higher capacity. I agree if he stumbled inside he was trapped.

In the city of Longview, Texas I know of three active street gangs, which include the MS 13, Davis Street gang, and one other gang, I don't recall the name of it offhand. The fact that they operate there, is the reason I will not
shop at JC Penney or Sears both of which have 30.06 No Gun signs which prevent me from legally carrying there. I think only local gangs operate near where I live.

If I encountered them at my home I probably would have become a statistic but I would have taken two or three of them with me. With one way in and one way out, not more than one of them at a time could could engage me in a gunfight trying to get out. But stories like this one posted here, is the reason I carry extra speedloaders and an extra 10 44 Spl rounds in a small container in one of my pockets. Chances are that these criminals were armed as well as I am, and I probably could not have stopped all of them.

If the federal government lets them come into the country, and they are armed with AK-47's or anything else and start operating near where I live I will spend the money and arm myself as well as they are.

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