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The decision is out in Moore v. Madigan.

2012-02-03 38 ORDER granting 24 Motion to Dismiss; denying 13 Motion for Preliminary Injunction; denying 13 Motion for Permanent Injunction; ORDER. Entered by Judge Sue E. Myerscough on 2/3/2012. (CT, ilcd) (CT, ilcd). (Entered: 02/03/2012)
2012-02-03 39 JUDGMENT in favor of Hiram Grau, Lisa Madigan against Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence, Illinois Carry, Second Amendment Foundation, Inc., Charles Hooks, Jon Maier, Michael Moore, Peggy Fechter (CT, ilcd) (Entered: 02/03/2012)
2012-02-03 40 NOTICE OF APPEAL as to 38 Order on Motion to Dismiss, Order on Motion for Preliminary Injunction, Order on Motion for Permanent Injunction, Terminate Deadlines and Hearings, by Peggy Fechter, Charles Hooks, Illinois Carry, Jon Maier, Michael Moore, Second Amendment Foundation, Inc.. Filing fee $ 455, receipt number 0753-1306898. (Jensen, David) (Entered: 02/03/2012)
Judge Sue Myerscough gives lip service to the historical approach and then proceeds to cite every district court case that has failed. She then proceeded to find that everyones right to self defense stops at the threshold of your house.

The convolutions the Judge uses to deny the defense of self is staggering, but also was expected.

As the district courts have shown, not only is the collective rights theory alive and well within the judiciary, but that the Supreme Court is indeed, the Court of First Resort, in all matters 2A.

David Jensen immediately appealed not only the denial of the PI, but also the dismissal of the suit.
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