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3) Had the boy been armed with a 5-shot snubbie, he would likely not have had enough rounds to deal with the apparent number of BG's.
Why? All the pro gun banter stays you just got to point a gun most of the time at the bad guys and they give up or flee.

Actually, it may not have mattered what the kid had if the bad guys were that apt to shoot. Even with a Springfield XD it could take a while to shoot 6 guys with disabling shots such that by the time you got through #2 or #3, guys 4, 5, and 6 may be shooting you. Having enough ammo for all the guys would not have put the situation in his favor. It might have in some situations, but apparently not here.

Throw in all the interstate highways through the area (drug importation and distribution)--and pawn shops that line the roads, and it's pretty easy to see why this is such fertile ground for gangs.
I am sure you mean to imply that the pawn shops are heavily involved in the fencing of stolen merchandise. That is something of an antiquated perspective given the amount of regulation pawnshops face these days.
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