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If I was in the store and someone was walking around with a gun on his hip I would be concerned.
^I would be concerned if he kept touching it or was behaving in a threatening manner. But just wearing a gun on his hip? I've seen it, I've done it, its my LEGAL right to.

If the LE saw an armed man how does he know he isn't a restricted person??
^Belief in this will result in a police state. Do we pull over random truck drivers to make sure they have a valid CDL? Do we stop random mothers to make sure they havent stolen the kids they've got? Do we stop every person wearing a turban because they might be a terrorist? In MY country, we are (supposed to be) innocent until proven guilty. You have to have a reason to believe I am restricted to bother me.

I do not believe I even have to identify myself in that situation. Am I breaking any laws? No? Then leave me alone! If you are going to detain me you'd better have a better reason than, "I just wanna check."
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