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That's not far from where I live--I seriously doubt this did not have some gang element to it. While the group may not have official "colors affiliation" the tactics used as described are pretty classic for gangs in this region. The multiple members allow for a quick surveillance of a target home and then a quick "smash and grab" and toss into waiting getaway vehicle. This is the preferred method of gangs where I live in Chattanooga, and is a good illustration of what happens if one or more of them are armed. They know speed and numbers work in their favor and increase the likelihood of a getaway. Based on my conversations with victim homeowners and police--I believe in many of these cases the gangs know what they are after beforehand--in other words gangs know how to get intel through sources such as friends of the victim's family.

Throw in all the interstate highways through the area (drug importation and distribution)--and pawn shops that line the roads, and it's pretty easy to see why this is such fertile ground for gangs.
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