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Home Invasion, tragic consequences

Here's a case that does not appear to involve drug or gang involvement on the part of the victim. Two high school kids were alone in their home when they heard noise upstairs. The brother went to look, while the sister stayed below.

Apparently, the brother (15yo football player and honor student) surprised burglars, who shot him to death. Sister came up to find her brother lying on the floor, and to see men running away.

The article isn't clear as to how many burglars would have entered the home, but it says six men were arrested in connection with the break-in and shooting.


1) Be very careful if you decide to investigate bumps in the night;

2) While it is statistically less likely for "nice families" to become the victims of home invasions, it does happen;

3) Had the boy been armed with a 5-shot snubbie, he would likely not have had enough rounds to deal with the apparent number of BG's.
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