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Any contact with the real world in case you got hurt or you were just out of luck....
You take the normal precautions. Write intentions in hut books if staying in huts; let someone know in writing where you are going, alternative routes and when you are due out etc. with instructions as to what to do if you don't report in. Most likely reason for a delay is heavy rain causing creeks and rivers to rise. You then have no option but to hole up in camp or preferably a hut if one is handy.

No communications though, unless you want to pack a heavy HF mountain radio. However we always carry a small emergency personal locator beacon (PLB). When activated this broadcasts our GPS co-ords and PLB identification, and alerts the National Rescue Co-ordination Centre who should then call any of three people they have listed as contacts for that particular PLB. If that person confirms that we are hunting or hiking in the area of the distress signal they will assume it is not an accidental triggering and will alert the police who are in charge of land search and rescue.

The last thing my son and I want to do is to trigger a LandSAR operation as we are both volunteer members and would never live it down. When walking we often leave deliberate sign to help LandSAR searchers in an emergency.


PS The Rockies look nice. Very glaciated. How do I get there?
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