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And with all due respect Mr. Meyer And Fiddle, it doesn't change the fact that they were doing the right thing.
It does if they end up killing or injuring the wrong person because they intervened in a situation that they didn't understand.

The officers who killed the Good Samaritan with a choke hold certainly did the wrong thing even if their actions may be understandable and perhaps even legally justified.
So don't help someone in their greatest time of need? Turn a blind eye?
This is a false dichotomy/false dilemma. In a false dilemma, the debater provides some outcomes or courses of action and makes it seem that they are the only choices when, in reality, there are other possible outcomes or courses of actions.

The choice is NOT between doing nothing/turning a blind eye versus intervening with deadly force. There is a virtually infinite continuum of responses between those two extremes.
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