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Originally Posted by manta49
Try looking into terrorist attacks in N Ireland. You will find a favorite method of attack was coming trough your front door with a sledge hammer and then shooting you. A favorite method for police house entry is coming trough your door with a sledge hammer. You would better make sure which you know which it is before you start shooting. Not easy but get is wrong and you will have plenty of time in jail to wish you had identified your target before shooting.
I could not find anything about terrorists and sledgehammers in N. Ireland. Perhaps you can provide some links to statistics and examples? I know I can provide plenty of examples of home invasions here in the USA and of police serving warrants at the wrong address.

For the sake of discussion though, how would you identify the police as not being terrorists if they both use the same entry methods? Also, if you are a law abiding citizen; why would the police be breaking down your door? If an incident like that described in the Op happens in N. Ireland, what do the police say 'sorry'? Sorry we got the wrong address and sorry we used the same entry methods as terrorists, sorry you were confused and tried to defend yourself, but now you must go to prison because of our mistake? Sounds ridiculous to me, but I don't have to worry about the laws of N. Ireland, just like you have no worries about US law.

You see, the point many of us are trying to make, is that getting the wrong address, unduly puts law abiding citizens in unnecessary jeopardy. Reasonable, law abiding people, that have their doors kicked in by armed men tend to assume the worst.
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