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I read the first couple pages of the thread and saw nothing I disagree with. Except this by bigfatts:

" It doesn't matter if it's a game animal or a pest or nuisance animal. Taking the chance of wounding something and leaving it to die a slow painful death either from the shot or starving because it's crippled is simply inhumane. "

Game animals I agree. Pest and nuisance in my world are coyotes. Except they aren't just pests or nuisances. They like to kill my calves. Cattle are at an all time high in price because they are at a record low in numbers. I have land payments, cattle payments, and equipment payments to make from my cattle sales. Every calf that I took to market in January of this year (born February through march last year) has 20 months of my time and work invested in it. More than that if you want to go back to sorting through and picking which bulls will go with which cows based on genetic combinations. 20 months to get a return on my investments of time, work, and money. If you don't raise livestock, you don't know the feeling of finding a newborn half-eaten by a coyote. If you don't know that feeling, don't preach to me about what is and is not ethical to use on a coyote. I'd gouge their eyes with a plastic spoon and let them starve to death if I could get close enough to one.
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