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"Face the facts, a person in a gun fight with no training is mostly just a noise maker, and a person with a knife with no training is just looking to get hurt." Old Wanderer.

Sir, I respectfully disagree. A person with no training, armed with a gun or knife is still VERY dangerous in my eyes, and worth avoiding, be they a good guy or a bad guy. A Dangerous weapon, even in the hands of a 10 year old with a strong will to survive, crazy, afraid or in an all out RAGE is still deadly, even if the youth is un-trained. A teenager or adult, is even more dangerous, due to increased size, strength and speed, and possibly drugs in the system or major mental health issues.

Once a fight starts, NOTHING is a sure thing, unless the bad guy is unarmed, and untrained... AND.... you are George Foreman!

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