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manta49, your N. Ireland life and police view has very, very little to do with
the reality of armed home invasions in the USA. Instead of telling us what the police in N. Ireland would do, or what you would do there; research armed home invasions, burglary and murder in the USA. Claiming to be the police is one tactic home invaders use. Waiting to see if the guys in camouflage with weapons are really police could cost you your life. Think about it, if you are innocent (as far as you know) and law abiding, you have no reason to suspect they are real police.

Try looking into terrorist attacks in N Ireland. You will find a favorite method of attack was coming trough your front door with a sledge hammer and then shooting you. A favorite method for police house entry is coming trough your door with a sledge hammer. You would better make sure which you know which it is before you start shooting. Not easy but get is wrong and you will have plenty of time in jail to wish you had identified your target before shooting.

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