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looks interesting

but I would have a few questions to ask before I ordered. The website says the maps and images use the same boundaries as the standard topo maps, the property that I hunt deer on (roughly 6 sections) is split right down the middle of the main valley by the boundary on standard maps. This being the case, I assume that I would have to order a second set which would make it way too expensive.
The topo map of the property that I now use, was made from 2 photocopies of the adjoining maps cropped off, taped together, copied onto one sheet, zoomed in and then about a 1/2 dozen copies made, for a total of about $2 and an hours worth of time in the university geography library. All my buddies that hunt on the place have a copy, or even a copy of a copy, and we have one copy blown way up, and laminated which is hung on the wall at camp, to which everyone adds some information each year.
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