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Gunn, google constructive possession.

Here is some wisdom, from another discussion, on the subject:
You can still keep whatever you want in your house, you lost no rights. But if you choose to allow a prohibited person to live there, then the house has to meet the law for prohibited persons.
Additionally, it may depend on the laws of your state, and even within different areas of your state:
For example if your gun safe has a key and the prohibited person know where the key is or has access to the key, you are in the one in trouble and could then be the next prohibited person in the family, same would apply if the prohibited person would know the combination to your firearm safe.

Other courts in PA have interpreted that if your had tools “capable” of possibly breaking into the firearm safe at your home, example bolt cutters, acetylene torch, drills, sledge hammer or chisel etc that the prohibited person has access to. You could also be held liable for giving a prohibited person access to your firearms. I know its crazy, but who ever said that the courts have to always be fair.

Please what ever you do, don’t let the prohibited person even touch one of them or even have the opportunity to be near your firearms especially not even let them be in the house when the safe door is open.
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