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Exercise results!

Alright Buzzcock and GITSUM! I tried both of your exercises last night and found out several interesting things:
First: My time as a car salesman has made me sessile and weak. Holding the weapon unsupported while trying to put the round on top was neither easy nor fun after about the fiftieth time.
Second: Keeping the round on the muzzle isn’t so hard once the weapon is up and in my sight picture. Getting the weapon there with out removing the round is.
Third: I have really good reflexes for catching falling things.
Fourth: its easier to not jerk the weapon in single action. The take up process (where the cylinder moves to index another “round”) is hard to do without moving the weapon.
Fifth: at least initially I was jerking down, and to the right. This has been corrected. Thank you.
Sixth and finally: any exercise that involves a shiny piece of copper and brass should not be performed with a cat in the room. She became hypnotized by the shell, and continuously pressed against me, making it harder to maintain a good stance…
I’m stuck at work again. A lady lost her drivers license and I need that to finish up the sale. When she get’s that I have to go see a priest about a wedding, and then off to the range. Wish me luck, and thanks for your help! I should have a report up by the evening!
Thanks again all!
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