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I've never been able to cook a venison or wild hog roast in a traditional oven setting; the meat is too lean and no matter how much soaking or marinating the strong wild and gamey taste is always there. So I use a Crockpot to cook it as long as necessary.

I start off by putting the roast into a base of beef broth that I season with salt, pepper, cajun spices, etc. that I let sit and stew for 4-6 hours, the beef broth leeches the game flavor out of the meat. Some of you also flavor your meat with bourbon, whiskey, etc. The next step is to determine if the meat can be pulled of the bone easily. If it can be then I add 1-2 bottles of Caribbean Jerk seasoning to give it my preferred flavor. Any kind of special flavoring sauce can be used(barbecue, teriyaki, etc.) it's based on what you want the meat to taste like.

After I add the Jerk sauce I'll let it cook for another 2-3 hours to completely absorb the flavor. When it's done it doesn't retain any of the gamey flavor that turns people off to eating it plus the moisture is retained in the meat. It's best to cook it one day before eaten as I've found that the longer it sits in the jerk sauce the more flavorful the meat becomes.
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