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Mag-Na-Port parts collectors

Just to let you folks know (you probably already do), if you send a gun to Ruger for repairs they will return it in as close to factory as they can get it. Meaning that all your nifty after market parts and springs will be replaced with factory Ruger parts and they will not return you expensive after market parts.

Well I learned something similar with Mag-Na-Port. I had them remove the front sight and base to my SRH to install a Mag-Na-Brake and they figured that if I no longer had a front sight, I had no need for a rear sight either and removed it and didn't return it (although after some emails I talked them into returning it). For them there is no need for open sights if you have optics or visa versa. I didn't want that gaping hole in the back so I asked for my sight back. Something to consider the next time you use them. Smithy.
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