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As an 03 FFL holder, you are not eligible to "receive" firearms for other people. Your license is for the sole purpose of enhancing your own collection.

I believe his items will have to go an 01 FFL who can obtain the necessary forms from BATF to import these weapons, then transfer them to him.

If you were to receive his weapons, you would, in essence, be saying that you were getting the weapons to enhance your own collection. You could, in theory, then transfer them to him at a later date but, if you ever got audited, BATF would more than likely smell a rat.

As far as the 1903 Browning, the only thing I can think of is that they were originally in calibre 9mm Browning Long and they must be taking the stand that, because it was converted to .380, it is no longer "original," even though it is my understanding that the Swedes did these conversions in the 1950s to make them sellable in the U.S.

As far as whether or not he can get an 03 as a resident alien, you would have to ask BATF about it.
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