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Married to a Felon, Gun rights affected?

I'm getting on in years especially with 35+ years of diabetes and its complications. I've been fervently working on finishing up a few gun projects. No longer able to shoot in SASS I sold all my gear and used that to work on the gun projects I have at hand. I'm having my snub nose Alaskan engraved with my signature to leave my wife (she also has an engraved Lady Smith with her signature). I also am working on a couple of scoped Ruger handguns and a OM Vaquero for my three kids when I'm gone. My oldest daughter is now engaged with a Felon (one of those soldier/bar room fight kind of things) and was wondering what the legalities would be for me to bequeath one of these firearms to her? Can she even have it? Or, Could she have it if she could show that her fiance had no access to it? I just don't know and don't want to pass this world getting her into trouble. The guy is a real stand up fellow, but just has that baggage following him around. Any help would be appreciated. Smithy.
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