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An engraver worth his salt!!

I recently placed an order with Jim Downing of Cherokee Gunworks out of Springfield, MO. Take a gander at his gallery page and you'll be amazed at his work. Prices are extremely competitive and especially in the double action/pistol variety. His prices on Single Actions run a bit more. I'm having an Alaskan done in full coverage including my signature on the gun. For me this is a bonus. Of all the guns I have owned and later kicked myself for selling, an engraved gun with your name on it makes it that much harder to sell. I've been married for over 23 years and I got my wife on our first anniversary an engraved Lady Smith with her signature. That gun has stayed while I went through others like water. My house will now have two guns that I can't sell, but will be functional works of art for my wife and I to cherish. Check him out. It's worth a look and Jim is an easy fellow to work with. Smithy.
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