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I am always sorry to read these threads on firearm boards.

I have a CPL, and I carry a knife, however unlike 99% of the people posting opinions I train with both. Most years I will do a 2 day Force on Force or edge weapon class. That plus a martial arts background have given me a fair amount of confidence.

I also am lucky enough to be invited to a law enforcement training center several times a year to run through hundreds of rounds.

I have absolutely no desire to go toe to toe with a person with a knife, but given a case where I am confronted by a gun at close range, I would rather offer my wallet, while stepping close to the gun man, move inside the OODA loop and unstich as much of him as I can with my knife, rather than drawing attention by trying to draw my gun. (Besides he makes a great shield if there are more than 1 person when you have your back tight against his chest). Unless you have some Krav Maga training, most people are at a loss how to fight when somebody is inside their OODA loop.

Face the facts, a person in a gun fight with no training is mostly just a noise maker, and a person with a knife with no training is just looking to get hurt.
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