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I have to pause for a moment to pity my friends in colder climes to have to wait for the Spring thaw to emerge from their caves or igloos to enjoy outdoor activities. [pausing]

OK. Get thee to a local cowboy club and try it out. Contact the local match director and let them know you are interested, whether you have two guns, one gun, no guns (like yours truly when I shot my first match); I bet you will be warmly welcomed.

Most SASS affiliated cowboy clubs shoot two revolvers, a rifle and a shotgun in matches. Cap and ball revolvers put you in the Frontiersman category. You will also see folks shooting black powder cartridges as well as modern smokeless cartridges. Everyone plays well together

We have a couple of guys in my club who shoot the cap and ball revolvers on a fairly regular basis. Not the fastest time but big time style points.
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