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C&R firearms from Canada

I have a couple questions concerning the receiving of guns from Canada; a fellow range member is now a resident alien (green card holder) from Canada, and is looking to bring his collection into the United States. I hold a C&R FFL.

The ATF is telling him he needs to go out of the country, ship his guns back in through customs, and to a FFL. My questions are:
  • Is there any particular extra hoops either of us would need to jump through to ship a C&R firearm to me?
  • For some reason, the ATF has stated a Browning 1903 pistol he has (blowback .380, unmodified) is not a C&R firearm, and cannot be imported at all (along with his AR-15). Why would they say that?
  • Can a resident alien (green card holder) get a C&R license?
I may not know all the questions to ask, so if there's something obviously missing from my questions, please let me know.
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